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Whether you are traveling overseas, own classic cars, or just have an extra car that needs a home, look no further than Storage Finda. You’ll find a range of cheap options near you from a garage, car-port, driveway or yard to suit the requirements you are looking for.

A car is often one of the most expensive & important possessions people have, and often they have no need for it for a period of time. Storage Finda has provided vehicle storage options to meet the needs of owners.

Tips for preparing your car for storage

You might be surprised but your car should be prepped for storage. This will save money in the future & so we’ve provided some tips to help you keep your car in the same condition you leave it in.

  1. Change the oil, filter, brake fluid and coolant. Engine oil contains contaminants that, if not changed frequently enough, can damage the engine.
  2. Fill it with petrol. Gasoline will absorb the moisture in your tank that would otherwise accumulate and cause the tank to rust.
  3. Disconnect the battery. Cars drain their battery even when the engine is off, and you don't want to have to replace the battery once you retrieve your car from storage.
  4. Remove/lift your windshield wipers. The rubber on your windshield wipers can start to stick to your windshield, leaving a hard-to-remove residue.
  5. Prevent dust, dirt, and bugs. Dust and dirt can muck up your car's components, while pests and insects can wreak havoc inside if you don't use a car cover.
  6. Release your parking brake. If you leave your parking brake pads on for too long, they can fuse with the rotors.